Extended Pedigree Utilities

I have created a spreadsheet that can be used to record extended pedigrees. Simply enter the basic calf data (DOB, Sex, color, name, registration number) on the first sheet, and enter the pedigree information for the sire and dam on the appropriate sheets. The information is automatically filled in on the first sheet. The sire and dam sheets can be copied to a new instance of the workbook for a new calf when needed, eliminating the need to re-enter the data for each calf. The spreadsheet is available in OpenOffice and Excel formats.


Another set of utilities will help you to create an extended pedigree by retrieving the data necessary from the AHCA website. In order to use these utilities, you will need to obtain the Python 2.5 interpreter from


  • python.org

    if you do not already have it. Windows users can download Python 2.5.4 at

  • python-2.5.4.msi
  • It is recommended that Excel users also install the pywin32 extensions available at:

  • pywin32
  • You will also need a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel, or OpenOffice. OpenOffice is available via download at:


  • OpenOffice.org

    In order to generate a pedigree, you must first retrieve the data with the script, getanimal.py. First, make sure that your computer is connected to the internet, the run the script getanimal.py

    Enter the Name or registration number for the animal at the prompt.

    This will generate a comma separated file, master_db.csv. If the file already exists, the data for the new animal will be added to the file.

    Once you have this file, run the script, gen_pedigree.py and enter the name or registration number at the prompt.

    This will generate a new comma separated file, Animal_Name.csv. You can import this file into your spreadsheet program (Excel or OpenOffice), copy it, and paste it into the appropriate sire/dam page of the pedigree spreadsheet you are using.

    Excel users can use the script genExcelPedigree.py. This will automatically create a pedigree and open Excel to display it.

    The .csv file that is created or updated can be used as a master database. When you want to generate the pedigree for an animal that is in the database file, you can simply run gen_pedigree.py or genExcelPedigree.py for the animal without first having to download the information with getanimal.py.